10 Fun To Play Kitty Party Games That Would Make Your Weekends Better

As a woman, at times, a kitty party with friends is all you need to detox oneself after a long gruelling week. Keeping in mind women’s penchant for sharing their positive and negative experiences with their friends, a get together of such kind seems like a perfect setting.

Besides food and all the gossips, kitty parties are also about exciting games that make a gathering much more fun and a memorable one. So if it’s your turn to host a kitty party and you want it to be eternally etched in all your friends’ hearts; then do make sure you include these interesting kitty games in the party.

Alphabetic Chits

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Alphabetic chit tests how quickly you can recall an incident or two or how quickly you can brew a fictional one because – who would know? To begin, a participant is selected, and they randomly speak a sentence starting with the first letter of the alphabet. The next person is supposed to continue the game by starting a new sentence with the following alphabet. If you wait for more than 30 seconds, you lose. Sounds fun right?

Peeling Oranges

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Every member has to peel as many as Oranges they can in the given time. The one with the most numbers of nude Oranges at the end of the time wins. To make the game a tab bit difficult, the host can replace Oranges to maybe Pineapples?

Guess the Brand Name

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A woman’s love for brands is unmatched, and this never-ending knowledge of brands churns out a fun game. To play this game, give a paper and pen to your guests and ask them to pen down every single cosmetic or clothing brand that they are aware of within 1-2 minutes. Once the timer runs out, the lady with the most brand names on the paper wins the game.

Straw and Thermocol Balls

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Straw and thermocol balls is a simple and fun party game that needs some serious concentration skills. The rules for this kitty game are simple, all you need to do is suck the thermocol balls using a straw and transfer it to another container. The person with the most thermocol balls in the container in the set time wins the game.

Let’s be friend

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It is a fact that women are not good at complimenting each other for obvious reasons. So, a good idea would be making them compliment each other, and Let’s be Friends is a game that serves the same purpose. The game has to be played in teams of two, where every team is made to list down good things about members of other teams. The group with the maximum compliments wins for sure.

Sponge the Water

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Sponge the water is a fun game to play but make sure you take the fun outdoors, or you would just create a mess inside the house. In the game, each player has to fill their bottle with water transferred from the bucket with the help of the sponge. The person that collects the maximum water in the bottle is the winner.

Guess the Advertisement

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If you spend enough time watching TV, then you will love this game. The host is supposed to create a list of advertisements including their taglines and make the photocopies of the list. Once done, distribute them among the guest and let them guess the name. The time limit is one minute and the one who writes the maximum correct answer wins.

Tie the Knot

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Tie your chunni around the waist and get set to play one of the most fun kitty party games that Tie the Knot is. In the game, a participant needs to tie as many as knots in the given time limit. To add the excitement, you may ask the participants to untie the knots under another time limit. At last the one left with the least knots wins the game.

Tongue Twister

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Relive the old-school game we used to play as kids. The participants, without a pause, have to repeat a funny tongue twister for at least 30 seconds. To make sure this game becomes a hit, pick some of the funniest and wittiest tongue twisters possible.

Dare Game

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Dare game is all about being daring. To play, brew some really exciting tasks that one would not generally do and pen those down on chits. Shuffle the chit and ask each participant to pick one. Whatever task is mentioned in the chit, a person has to do it. One who does their task with absolute precision wins the game.

So these were some of the best games for kitty party that you can play with your friends to make your weekend memorable. If you have some other ideas, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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