5 Brilliantly Creative Uses Of Labels at Home

different kinds of labels

Labels are widely known as paper stationery supply that show the prices in retail industries or instructions about using the products in the overall commerce industry, or better yet, using them as address and shipping labels on delivery dockets. However, apart from the business purpose, the label sheets have a quite creative side – they can be used about any innovative idea for any special occasion and prepared at home. Here are X of these brilliant ideas.

Labelling Spices

labelling spices

Are you a spice-lover? If yes, I bet you have dozens of jars with different spices including black peppercorns, cayenne pepper, chilli powder, cinnamon, cumin, curry powder, garlic powder, thyme, basil and so on. Even if you are expert about spices, you might make a mistake if you hurry to prepare the mean and use a spice that shouldn’t be used. Therefore, label sheets can really come in handy. You can print your own design of the names and stick the labels on the jars. You can even use labels on sheets in different colours to signify the intensity of their taste. Thus you can use red for too spicy, green for neutral, pink for sweets and so on.

Apothecary Labels

Medicine bottles

Do you have a first aid kit at home? You must do it! Also, you have probably got a box of medicine, tablets and bottles of syrup you regularly use. Why don’t you organise them neatly with labels on which you are going to write what to use and when? Who has the time to read the small leaflets inside the boxes with the instructions? Right? Instead, you can use the labels to print out or write what the group of these tablets are and what is their purpose, so that when you have the stomach flu and get advice from your doctor first, you can instantly find the pill you need to take.

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Home Library

books at home

Do you have lots of books that you are proud to say that you have your own mini-library at your home? If you do, you need to organise your books. Again, labels are the best way to do that. You can use labels with a gloss finish and write accordingly American Literature, English Classics, European Literature, World’s Bestsellers, Self-Help, and so on. Then, you can put the labels on the shelves next to the group of books described. You can even get your friends interested in reading something of your collection if you are willing to borrow some of the books.

Kids’ Stuff

organising kids stuff

Another great opportunity the labels offer is to help and teach your kids how to organise their stuff in their room. You can print labels with different designs, pictures, patterns and colours to trigger the kids’ imagination and sense of responsibilities. They will learn to tidy their rooms and organise their toys, books and other stuff they have by sticking a label next to the group of items, marking it with their selected labels.

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DIY Crafts

diy labels and crafts

If you love DIY crafts, then labels must be an essential item of your DIY box. You can use them literally for everything, from naming the parts, writing messages, preparing parties, spa kits and many, many other options. And if you love DIY crafts that much, then you probably should think about getting a label maker – then will the real fun begin!


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