6 Facts that nobody tells you about Technology


It’s a true fact that change is constant the same is in the case of technology but with technology this case is very fast that technology is getting advanced day by day and today we can think of Hustling robots, flying cars, life on Mars, time raveling and so on. Technology has changed the life of a common man and from writing a letter we have advanced to video calls today. The wonders we got from all the latest technologies are superb but there are many facts and figures we do not know. As we simply know the latest trend and take it in our use but there are thousands of facts that we are unaware of this technology that certainly shapes these incredible worlds!!

Below are certain facts that will defiantly leave you stunned when you come to know about technology!

The spacebar in your keyboard is the most frequently used key!


Spacebar is one of the largest keys in your keyboard and supposed to be one of the important keys as without it you will be unable to read the article as you could not understand anything and a jumble of words will only be showing to you.

The Firefox logo isn’t a Fox:


It is very common to have the same picture on the logo as the name says same with Firefox browser, the logo should be a fox but surprisingly, in its logo, the cute furry creature is actually a red panda.

Email is older than the World Wide Web!


The web was invented in 1990 and Email is older than that approximately two decades and was invented in 1965. MAILBOX was the first system of this category and used by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

All-time popular Android game Candy Crush!


The most popular game and most played game. You will be amazed to know that it is the most downloaded gaming app. From kids to elder all are addicted to this game and it has more than 50 million downloads across Android, Facebook and IOS.

The secret about Google Name


Do you know the former name of google? Let me disclose it. Originally it was “Backrub” it was the no.1 search engine created by Lary Page and Sergey Brin. This backrub name then transformed into “Google” by misspelling the word googol means 1 charted by 100 zeros.

See the magic and turn google image into a game


Yes!! Not lying. It happens! When the word “ATARI BREAKOUT” is written on google images, your screen will turn in to a game.’s right. When you type ‘ATARI BREAKOUT’ in google images, the screen turns into a game. Isn’t it funny! Try this now and enjoy it!!

Youtube the Second largest search engine!!


After Google Youtube is regarded as the second largest search engine. Youtube is now considered bigger than bing, yahoo and Thus, it has got its fame peak and today everyone has their solution on it.

It’s about 38 years for Radio to reach 50 million:


You would be surprised to know that how fast is the technology that radio we all know and used when it was popular, it took about 38 years to reach 50 million audiences whereas, the iPod took only 3 years to reach the same audience, isn’t it great change?

First Camera with incredibly long exposure:


In 1826, the first photograph was ever taken and you would be surprised to know that it took about 8 hours to expose. Later on, the time lowers to 15 minutes in 1839. Talking about today it takes a second to take photographs.

The first computer mouse was not of plastic:


In 1964, the first computer mouse made of wood was invented by Doug Engelbart. The mouse was rectangular in shape with a small button on its right. He called it to the mouse as it reminds him of tiny rodents.

Around 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily basis!!


Isn’t it surprising that such a greater number of websites are hacked every day? There are cybercriminals who certainly use sophisticated software to search and hack vulnerable websites daily. There are lots of viruses and hoaxes on the internet, so be careful while using it and do not click on unsecured links.

The first alarm clock invented could ring only at one time:


Yes! Only once. The mechanical alarm clock first invented by Levi Hutchins could ring only at 4 a.m. In 1876, the alarm clock was winded-up to set for any time.

Bluebird of Twitter is derived from a famous footballer!!

Twitter is symbolized with a bluebird, this cute tiny bluebird Larry is derived from a famous basketball player Larry Bird.


The meaning of Amazon Logo!!


The Amazon logo is designed with a deep meaning, the arrow runs from letter A to Z means it has everything in its store that is things start from A to things Z you will get here means all in one shop. It also represents that it can deliver anything, anytime and anywhere.

WhatsApp is accessible in 32 languages!!



WhatsApp a commonly used messenger app nowadays, do you know that this messenger is available in almost 32 distinctive languages for iPhone, window phones, Androids and Blackberry. It is the only messenger connecting such a huge crowd because of its different language availability.

Who read fast people or screen?

With the advancement in technology, it is notable that people tend to read 10 times slower than that of an electronic nursing assignment help device. Within seconds an electronic screen searches for big database and find results.

It is acceptable today that technology is growing at a very rapid pace and the future of technology is to bring somewhat very astonishing for sure. The most important thing is that one must have knowledge as well as practice on a regular basis. To compete with this world you must be acknowledged and up to date and be aware of the facts of all the technologies. I hope the hidden facts discussed amazed you. Keep searching for different technologies you will find out something very surprising.

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