6 Incredibly Easy Makeup Tricks You Should Start Using Today

Incredibly Easy Makeup Tricks

Women enjoy makeup, and they try to achieve a perfect look each time they start applying. The entire process can be both enjoyable and daunting if things don’t turn out the way you intended. By following a few simple tricks, you can complete your entire makeup routine without feeling frustrated and as if you wasted precious time doing it. Whether you are a beginner in the beauty world, or somewhat of pro – a few helpers can always come in handy.

Use a Tape or Spoon for a Flawless Cat Eye Look

As strange as it may sound – these two really help. Even when you use the best eyeliner pencil you have, you can still make a smudge or an uneven line. These can be annoying, and one way to avoid them and nail the perfect flick and shape is to use a tape or a spoon.

Place them on the corner of your eye, and start applying. Both the spoon and the tape will provide you with security that you will stay in the lines and if you do miss, the excess eyeliner will be on the tape and spoon, not on your skin. Once you remove them – tada – the perfect cat eye look!

A Spoon Again for Smudge-Free Mascara


A mascara trait on your lids is not a good look, and you can completely avoid this problem by using a spoon. Again. Simply place the spoon underneath the lashes and apply your mascara as you usually do. The residue product will end up on the spoon instead of your eyelids.

Use Concealer Under Your Eyes – Never on Your Eyelids

Quite often, women doubt whether to apply concealer on the eyelids. This is a “no”. The same goes for the foundation too. Don’t use it as a base. You risk getting your entire eye makeup all smudgy and creased. Instead, it is recommended that you apply the concealer under your eyes. The effect is great. You will mask dark circles and sport a fresh-looking look.

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Don’t Forget to Shape Your Eyebrows

Your entire makeup routine can’t be complete if you forget your eyebrows. Luckily, in time, the whole shaping and drawing have become a much easier and simpler procedure. First, brush both eyebrows using a spoolie. After that, take a soft brow pencil that will shape the outside of the brow. The thinner side of the tip this brush has is the perfect tool for this job.

Next, you need the flatter side of this brush that will flawlessly fill in your brows. Use short, quick, hair-like strokes. To complete the whole look, you should also apply highlighter right under your brow bone. This will create an instant lift.

Match the Colour of Your Lips with the Colour of Your Cheeks

Makeup Tricks

If your goal is to achieve a natural look, you should definitely go for matchy-matchy lips and cheeks. You will end up with a subtly coordinated and lovely look that many will notice and appreciate. If you can’t find lipstick and blusher that match, you can always your either the lipstick or a lip crayon as a blusher and achieve the look. Just be careful to blend it perfectly.

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Translucent Powder for Long-Lasting Lipstick

All ladies can attest to the fact that lipsticks find a way to end up on wine glasses, on your partner’s lips or cheeks… anywhere but your own lips. Granted, some brands do last more than others, but in time they all tend to fade (more or less).

Makeup Tricks

So, what trick can be helpful in this situation? It is quite simple, actually. All you need is a tissue and a translucent face powder. After you are done applying your lip crayon and lipstick, carefully place a tissue over the surface of the lips and dust on a small quantity of translucent powder. This procedure will set the colour and make the product long-lasting.

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