8 Principal STDs that are Common in both Male and Female

There are many diseases, infections and ailments that both male and female suffer from. The STDs are some diseases that are transferred during sexual intercourse. There can be many differences regarding the occurrence of symptoms and their impact on the health of the person. But several aspects are common like the STD screening tests and the types of diseases.

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STD screening tests for Diagnosis

Every medical facility has the equipment to have various diagnostic tests to determine whether the person has STDs or not. There is a total of 5 types of tests that can tell about the STDs.

  1. Cotton swabs are used to wipe the genital and penis area to take fluid samples.
  2. A full vial of blood is also taken for analysis. Or a finger is pricked to take a sample for immediate results.
  3. Like blood, urine sample is also taken to conclude the presence of germs of different diseases.
  4. Many times the organs affected are visible to the naked eye. But others have to be properly and closely look at to tell about the various symptoms.
  5. Samples from the inner part of the cervix.

How STDs are different for Male and Female?

Although some types of STDs are common in male as well as female; but there are several differences in the appearances of the symptoms and how they affect both genders.

  1. The women are more at risk of being infected because the vagina is a delicate and thin lining that is always moist. These are the best conditions for bacteria to buildup.
  2. When men suffer from STDs; the symptoms can be noticed at once and can be detected without any effort.
  3. Several of the symptoms in females are more or less the same of yeast infection which can confuse with STDs.
  4. The penis of men is exposed so sores and blisters can be seen easily. But the vagina is internal so difficult to know what is going on.
  5. STDs can be passed on to the babies by their mothers.
  6. If STDs remained uncured they can serious problems like infertility.

8 Common STDs in Females and Male

Despite the difference in symptoms and factors; the STDs occur in both male and female. They are spread when people indulge in oral, anal or vaginal sex. It is a natural process but it can become a problem when people don’t pay attention to minor details so that these diseases can be prevented. We must know in detail about them.

Hepatitis B and C

When the liver of a person is suffering from inflammation then it can be said that it Hepatitis. If an individual is having this viral infection and he/ she indulge in sexual activities then it most likely that the partner is transmitted. Although it can also spread through other means but sexual intercourse is the main cause. But you can be aware of it through tests done at Healthck.


It is the most dangerous STD of all in which the immunity system of the body is weakened as a result even minor diseases and infection can cause great damage. There are no specific symptoms to determine if you have it or not. But after other germs attack the body; the signs of that disease or ailment gets prominent.


This is very commonly found STDs in the whole world and at the same time, it is curable also. One reason for it is that the symptoms don’t show in days, weeks, months and years even. The couples come to know of the when they start having pain and sometimes fluid discharge from the penis and vagina. Latex condoms are the best solution for this disease.


Trichomoniasis is another curable disease that is caused by a parasite inside the human body. In women, the signs are very identical to yeast or other bacterial infection. The major symptoms that are seen are sores on the genitals, burning, itching, and different colored vaginal discharge. But men don’t show any of these signs. Both male and female must be tested for this STDs.

Genital Warts/ HPV

These are highly contagious and are caused by the overgrowth of cells. They are sometimes of flesh color ad can transform into grey as well. These are not cancerous overgrowth but on different occasions have been seen to develop into a cauliflower-like structure and ultimately lead to cancer.


It has very similar symptoms like Chlamydia and in most cases, it spreads along with it. The reason for it is that it affects the vagina and penis as in Chlamydia. People are not aware of its existence in them because the symptoms don’t show it. The mouth and throat can also become infected when people indulge in oral sex.


There are four stages in which this disease progresses. In the initial stage, a sore can develop which looks harmless. But gradually grows into rashes in the second stage. The third stage is when the symptoms become permanent. In the final stage, it damages the nervous systems and other important organs.

Genital Herpes

This disease is mostly spread when the skin comes in direct contact with the affected area. There are two strains of herpes that can be the cause but the second one is the main culprit. To diagnose whether you and your partner have genital herpes STD screening tests are required.


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