90s Cartoons: Animations That Were Emotions

90s Cartoons

Cartoons are a fond memory of everybody’s childhood. However, if you are a 90s kid then you might understand that cartoons are not just memories. They were emotions of our fun-filled childhood. From Powerpuff Girls to Dexter’s Laboratory and from Flinstones to Popeye we booked all slots to be glued to our T.V. sets.

Mom’s use to scold us all day but be it before school time or after school relaxation we couldn’t miss to have the taste of our favorite cartoon. Enticing your nostalgia about the 90s cartoon here we bring a treat of cartoons from the era.

1. Aladdin


2.Jungle Book


3.Tom and Jerry


4.Duck Tales


5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

6. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Thomas and Friends

7. Courage The Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog

8. X-Men

x men

9. Kim Possible

Kim Possible

10. Tiny Toon Adventures

Tiny Toon adventures



 11. Hey Arnold

Hey arnold

12.The Jungle Books

the jungle book mowgli

13. The Yogi Bear Show

The Yogi Bear Show

14. Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes

15. Dennis The Menace

Dennis the menace

16. Richie Rich

Richie Rich

17. Tom & Jerry Kids

tom and jerry kids

18. Hercules


19. The Flintstones

The Flintstones

20.The Jetsons

The Jetsons

21. The Road Runner Show

Road Runner


Spider man

23. Thundercats


24. SpongeBob Squarepants

Spongebob sqaurepants

25. Pingu


26. Timon & Pumbaa

Timon and Pumbaa

26. The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh


27. The Transformers

The Transformer

28. Teen Titans

Teen Titans

29. Oswald


30. Noddy


31. Bob The builder

Bob the builder

32. CatDog


33. Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed, Edd n Eddy

34. Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales

35. Digimon: Digital Monsters


36. Oggy and the Cockroaches

Oggy and the Cockroaches

37. The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther

38. Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb

39. Pinky and The Brain

Pinky and the Brain

40. The Fairly OddParents

The Fairly OddParents

41. Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck

42. Franklin


43. 101 Dalmatians: The Series

101 Dalmatians: The Series

44. The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

45. Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series

46. SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

Swat kats

47. Recess


48. Codename: Kids Next Door

Codename: Kids Next Door

49. sThomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Thomas and Friends

50. Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter's Laboratory


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