India Celebrates Historic Scrapping Of Article 370 Revoking With The Most Hilarious Memes

370 Revoking Memes

India took a historic step yesterday on the 5th of August, 2019 by removing Article 370. After special reports of Pakistan-based terrorists planning to target the ongoing Amarnath Yatra reached India’s ever-alert ears on that.

Article 370 that gives special status has been revoked. Article 35A went down with it. Making Kashmir to Kanyakumari part of India in History and Civics books.

Yesterday, on 5 August 2019, Home Minster Amit Shah published revoking of Article 370. Kasmir has now converted a Union Territory.

It’s a moment to admire the Indian government, for resolving the years-old issue of Jammu and Kashmir. Everyone is happy, appreciating the work of BJP, praising Amit Shah.

Youth that love memes decided to make a meme on Article 370 revoking memes as well.

And believe me, they are so hilarious meme. I bet you have already scroll passed through some of these memes. But if you haven’t here are the most hilarious Article 370 revoking memes that are going viral on the internet and love you.

Memes on Article 370 going viral on the internet right now.

These memes are not only for fun, this the smart way our youth try to express themselves. There are some of the most hilarious memes on Article 370 going viral on the internet right now. If you like them share them with your friends and family.


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