Indian web series: A new beginning of powerful stories

Ever since Netflix collaborated with India, the trend to have entertainment in form of web series has increased with leaps and bounds.

Indian audience has startedreligiously following Indian web series Netflix like ‘Sacred Games’, ‘Ghoul’, ‘Delhi Crime’ and many more. This proves the most important fact that India has ample amount of original content available which can be made into impressive movies and web series.

Hence, there is no need for directors to copy Hollywood scripts and make the same movie in a Hindi version. Jokes apart, Netflix has helped India bring up its reputation in terms of coming up with original and unadulterated entertainment.


The charm of India

Everyone knows and swears that the entertainment factor of this nation can be helpful while depicting stories withcultural roots and narration. Which is why, every web series based on Indian content doesn’t fails impress its viewers. In simple words, the audience feels an easy connection with the ongoing story because the characters are Indian and the language is Hindi.

But that surely doesn’t stop the fans overseas to watch and enjoy the shows and web series which are based out of India. Take Sacred games for an example. Thanks to the wide presence of Netflix, after its release, there were ‘Sacred Games’ fans around the globe.

Everyone was enjoying this Indian web series that had unexpected twists and turns in addition to the superb acting of characters handpicked by the director.

What’s unique in Indian series?

To be honest, Indian language and behaviour that is strongly displayed in such web series is the key to the charm. Take any Indian web show for that matter, unless there is use of strong language and typical portrayal of the culture on which the show is based, the show doesn’t get complete.

Once, the right kind of violence, drama, romance and emotions is mixed with the plot it becomes final for presentation. That’s the uniqueness of Indian content.

New web series 0f 2019

Take the Netflix’s newest Indian show for that matter. Leila, the web series 2019 has come up with a very different yet harsh reality of India which shows the problems that can be created by using religion as a weapon.  Set in a dystopian future, where India will be segregated in communities and divided by sky high walls.

This show portrays a distant truth. It shows that this can really happen if the instances of discrimintaion due to religion doesn’t stop in India, it can reach to the levels of ugly, as shown in this web series. These kinds of subjects add to the authenticity of the entertainment, don’t you agree?

In Conclusion:

Netflix and India can surely touch new skies. Now that they are working together, chances are that the level of Indian entertainment will keep growing with every new series, show and movie as long as the script is original.

We just hope that whoever Netflix hires from India keeps up the level of entertainment just like the other shows have.


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