10 Kitty Party Games That Will Add That Extra Fun in You Kitty Party

Kitty party are the heart and soul of entertainment when it comes to ladies. Unlike guys, who are overjoyed with beer and sports on television, ladies require special things to have fun. Which is why kitty parties have climbed the stairs of success and become an all-time favourite of a majority of ladies all over the world.

Kitty Party Games

For many ladies, the whole idea of fun revolves around how can games for kitty party be made more interesting. Here are 7 games for kitty party that can add that wow factor to your kitty games. Most of the kitty party games mentioned below need basic items which can be easily found in your house.

1.The Floating Brinjal Game for Kitty Party

brinjal games

Floating brinjals game is fun and easy. All you need to do is get some small brinjals and put in a deep bowl filled with water. The ladies have to take out as many brinjals which refloating in water, but there is a twist. The brinjals need to be taken out by a toothpick alone. Now, isn’t that fun? The one who takes out the maximum brinjals win.

2. Memory Game

kitty party group games

The host will arrange a few items in a tray or disk and then pass the tray through to all the participants. Leave the tray with them for a minute and then pass it on to the next participants. Hide the tray in the end and ask them to write the total items that they saw in the tray. One who gives the most correct or valuable answers will win the game.

3. Lock and Key Kitty Games

Lock Key Games

As the name suggests, you need to keep a number of locks along with their keys. Obviously, you don’t need to place the keys right next to the locks. All the keys in one ring and several locks on the table. The winner needs to open the highest number of locks.

4. Straw and Thermocol Ball Games for Kitty

thermocol ball games

It’s a game that is funny as it requires you to pick up small thermocol balls with a straw and transfer it to another bowl. The challenge is not to blow too hard through the straw, or all the balls will fall out. If u suck too hard, balls might get poked in and doesn’t come out of the straw when you want to put it down in the next bowl. Have fun.

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5. Save the Royal


This game is going to test your focus and lungs. LOL. All you need o do is put all the cards from a deck on the table and spread it loosely. Now, the players will have to blow all the cards out except the king and the queen. Its one of the kitty party games that will make it memorable.

6. Word or Colour Games for Kitty Party

Colour Game

So, this game is confusing and fun. You need to have a lot of colourful pens and blank paper. Now, you need to write random words and ask payers to say out loud (either the word or the colour in which the word is written). It gets more interesting when you will see players getting confused and saying out the name of colour instead of the word and vice versa.

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7. Tie a Knot Kitty Party Games


As simple the name is, this game doesn’t need any rule book. You just need to tie the maximum number of knots on a rope. The faster you are, the better. The maximum number of knot tier wins the game.

8. Blow the Candle Games for Kitty

candle games

Put on a blindfold on the player, and ask them to blow off the candles. It might sound easy, but when you can’t see where the candle is, it gets pretty funny to see people blowing air in directions. Place the candle in a safe distance to avoid any mishaps.

9. Musical Chairs

kitty party group games

Everyone loves dancing, as it is the only thing that we feel happy and free. Your guests or party member have finally got some free time from their family and daily work routine. Make them dance, let them know dancing like kids, is so much fun along with them and share a musical chair.

10. Spot And Write

kitty party group games

Make two or four teams of an equal number of members. The challenge is to notice everything each member in the room is wearing and put it down on paper. Be it clothing, accessories, shoes, makeup or necklace. Whichever team spots or collect the most items wins the game.

Make your Kitty Party More Fun

You have 7 super games that can add that extra bling and fun t your party. All these games require basic things so you can play them easily. With these games, you can rest assured that no one is going to criticize the kind of games you organised.

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