Top 8 Places to Visit in Bangladesh

places to visit in Bangladesh

A beautiful Asian country with great diversity of taste and culture, Bangladesh holds only majority of Muslims mark in it. Bangladesh offers you some of the calmest travel places of Asia. Sundarbans vegetation and wildlife, Paharpur or Mosque at Gaur you will be amazed by the perplexing architecture and relax environment. Here you have Barisal and Chittagong Hill areas for enjoying time with locals. The world-famous Cox’s bazar will take care of your stress and provide you enormous thrilling activities. Dhaka, the capital also offers a variety of finger-licking cuisines. You will find mixed British and Pakistani culture across the country. Bangladesh is an awesome destination for those you want to enjoy a cool tour of places with cuisines, culture and historic past and for them here is a list of 8 best places you must visit when traveling to Bangladesh.

1. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest


Sundarbans forest is in India, but Bangladesh holds its majority. It is the best way to start your trip to Bangladesh. Its enormous vegetations and wildlife will surprise you. There are dears, peacocks, crocodiles and the main attraction Royal Bengal Tigers. Government and private organizations begin their forest tour service from the morning in jeeps and buses. Morning boat rides option and scenery from a watchtower in the evening will mesmerize you. Visiting these forests and capturing live pictures is a never to leave experience. You can get a great discount on ticket booking online using Akbar Travels Offers.

2. Srimangal


Srimangal perfect place to give yourself some self-oriented time, the whole area is surrounded by green tea plants, giant trees and trails. People usually jog or do cycling across the gardens. You will hardly find any disturbance except stunning nature. Small cottages and locals’ shops are available which serves tea and mountainous dishes to tourists. Ramnagar village which is closest to it has the Indian north-east culture and lifestyle. Tourist who is excited about science and technology never misses the BTR institute visit near Srimangal. Spend 2-3 days here and proceed to National Park or an adventurous trek to Hamham waterfalls.

3. Chittagong Hill-Tracts

Chittagong Hill-Tracts

Ever hang out with tribal community? Chittagong Hill-Tracts is a full pack of thrill and adventure. Tribal people welcome tourists to their house, together they go for trekking inside the hills for days. They hunt, do fishing, cook, dance together and spend the night in woods under bewildering stars. You can also ask them for a boat ride in Sangu river during summer and monsoons. Almost every evening they organize a tribal bazaar for tourists, you should try wall hangings and bangles of this market. So, don’t forget to miss the chance of Discovery channel’s lifestyle and thrill in Bangladesh.

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4. Paharpur


Home of the heritage site Somapuri Mahabhihara, this beautiful place is in the corner of north-west Bangladesh. Monks and tourists usually visit this stunning huge Buddhist monastery which has unparalleled design and pattern of varieties of animals and gods. This picturesque place is best in monsoons, accommodations and food stalls are spread outside the monastery. Build in the period of 824AD this monastery has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times and thus reflects Pala’s, Hindu’s and Muslim’s history. Most tourists spend their nights nearby it to experience an incredible view under stars.

5. Sylhet


Sylhet, this beautiful area is the Indian version of Darjeeling and Meghalaya located 250KM from Dhaka. Alluring mountains, valley covered with deep woods and canals in between slopes make it a must-visit the place. You have varieties of things like rafting, camping on riverbanks or visiting Lalakhal’s water canal, Ratargul forest and Jaflong. Jaflong is famous for its stone collecting areas and tribal community mainly Khasi who has betel leaves gardens. The 7-layer tea is world-famous drink available in the local market. You can reach her by local buses from Dhaka airport which is connected globally through flights.

6. Barisal


Also known as Venice of Bangladesh, part of Barisal is fully surrounded by the Ganges. Transport and lives are fully dependent on boats and ships. Tourist comes to enjoy the Guava markets, floating schools and shops nearby city. Other than that, Guthia Mosque and Gangamati Reserved Forest is never to miss places. You can also spend some personal time with friends and family at small beaches like Fatrar Char or Lebur Char. It is preferable to explore the city in summer and monsoons.

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7. Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar

Tired from the streets and markets, this spectacular place is the most favourite location of tourists for relaxing. Cox’s Bazar also holds the record of longest sandy beach (unbroken) with the length of 125KM. There are various resorts, and some have their own private beaches. Varieties of continental dishes as well as local cuisines are easily available here. Groups usually do campfire, cook barbeques and dance with songs in nights. Some of the areas also provide adventurous water sports facilities for all ages. You can also apply for Travel Coordinator jobs to know about this field.

8. Puthia


Puthia is a classic tiny city which reflects Indian culture and traditions. Tourist comes to visit the Hindu temples with phenomenal architecture and spiritual ponds. Some famous places are Govinda Temple, Puthia Palace and Shiva temple which was built in 1823 and is still much maintained. Dol mandir is also a unique attraction point with its 4-step pyramid shape. Travellers usually stay in Puthia Rajbari which is a European style palace and famous for its north and south Indian dishes. Flights from Dhaka to here are on a daily basis with 50mins of duration.

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