Traveling to Istanbul- A Look at What To Do?

If you are looking forward to going to Turkey for the first time so you may need a lot of things, not only but also this moment can be pretty exciting for you that you are going to Turkey and you are going to live there in the capital of Turkey named as Istanbul. There are many tips and tactics that you need to follow if you are planning your vacations in Turkey. Going to Turkey and visiting Istanbul is one of the most exciting things that you could do and you must do it if you get a chance ever. It is also called one of the dream destinations of the world that is justice located in one part of Europe. It is situated at a place where the east and the west merge. Not only but also this place intersects two continents altogether. There is a lot more in Turkey when it comes to antiquity, ethos, and insignia besides aroma.

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Everything is perfect in Turkey, no matter if you talk about buildings that a present over there to the cuisine that Turkey has. Everything you look at this place has got a very deep theory associated with it; however, this place is busy because countless tourists are visiting at one single time. It is being that Turkey and Istanbul do not sleep, from Dawn tonight; everything is functioning at where you can sit back and enjoy. People have this belief that turkey is not friendly at all but this is not the truth, Turkish people are the most loving people in the world. The more you are going to get in that which is the country the more you are going to find out how beautiful this place is.

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If you are looking forward to staying in this magnificent City so you must stay around for at least 5 days to explore this place. Because it’s ancient and antique at the same time how to go to this place. However, if you are looking forward to staying for a longer time so you should stay for about 10 days. Istanbul is a very gigantic place to have a vacation at. It consists of about 14 million people who are residing there.

Where to reside at its Istanbul?

Ever since you’ve arrived at the airport in time for you to take a hotel because you will be pretty tired and jet-lagged but at the same every of the person who is looking forward to enjoying over there and is pretty excited to immediately roam around and explore the city to the maximum. Istanbul has countless hotels at present, you can just choose the hotel, guest house, or any bnb place that you are looking forward to residing at according to your pocket, obviously who doesn’t want to save money while a vacation so that they can shop some more. Some classical hotels are very pricey and definitely if you are a normal individual who is looking forward to enjoying in not to stay back in the hotel; so it is useless for you to take a hotel that is a costly one.

What to do while you are in Istanbul?

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It is a beautiful city, now it depends upon you and your taste, plus the amount that you are having in your pocket that what you can do. Istanbul has countless places for tourists as an attraction because these places belong from all the ancient times and there is a story for every of the place that is present in Istanbul.

You can visit places in Istanbul like;

  • Topkapi palace
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Blue mosque
  • Galatatower
  • Sulemanmosque
  • Taksim square

What to eat in Istanbul?

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Not only roaming has its importance and going to place is important but also when you go to one place you must enjoy the cuisine of that particular cheap assignment place. If you are not talking you need to eat and drink the best things which are very famous. Turkey is indeed a place of food. There are counters options that you could get when you are roaming around in the streets of Turkey, mainly the kababs, the cozy restaurants that are present over there, the tea stalls and the Turkish food.

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Turkey has a lot of flavors and ingredients engraved with their food. Especially if you are a food lover and if you are a sweet lover so you must try the baklava and ice cream that are the most renowned Turkish desserts that you could overwhelm for.

When to visit Turkey?

Well, this is one of the most important questions that may arise in your mind if you are planning to spend your vacations in Turkey regardless of a week or 10 days. The best time to visit Turkey is when the season changes. Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Turkey because of that and you can easily roam around the streets of Istanbul, along with the moderate temperature that it possibly bears.


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