User-Generated Content and its Use in Digital Marketing

Social media has become the most emerging part of people’s lives. They can voice their opinions and views through social media. They can connect with new people through social media.

Social media platforms cater over 3.5 billion people around the globe. This has made social media an amazing marketing tool for the brands. It has already become a huge part of digital marketing, but the new trend that is taking over is user generated content. Many luxury brands have already started using UGC for better and it is time you also consider UGC for your brand.

What is User-Generated Content?

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User-generated content (UGC) can be defined as any form of content generated and posted on social media by a user in favor of any product. It is generated without any kind of paid promotion involved. The content can be in the form of images, videos, blogs, audios, testimonials, tweets and everything else in between.

With the heightening use of social media, UGC seems to be the future of digital marketing. It has already started taking over and it is not far when UGC will be the epitome of digital promotions. UGC is like the new age word of mouth. Earlier brands were promoted with word of mouth, now the medium has been changed but the concept is still the same. It is like the digitalized version of word of mouth publicity.

The main reason that UGC is so effective when it comes to marketing is that it helps with some of the most important aspects of marketing like user-engagement, higher sales, brand trust.

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  • User Engagement and Audience Reach Remove term: Digital Marketing

When people post about your brand, their followers also get aware of your brand. This is how the audience reach widens from just your target audience.

Also, people tend to share posts similar to other people. This results in more people posting about your brand and more brand awareness.

You can also encourage this by sharing your user’s content. This will give them a push to post more about your brand for getting featured. This will also portray that you care about what your consumers are posting about your brand.

  • Higher sales and conversion rate

If you use UGC on your website, you give them the practical display of the product. This gives the users a final nudge to buy the product.

Also, the more people share about your brand and more people know about your brand, higher the sales. When more people engage themselves with your brand, they will definitely buy more.

These factors result in higher sales and a better conversion rate for your brand.

  • Reduces Bounce Rate

UGC not only increases your sales but helps in reducing the bounce rate as well. It clears the doubts of people that decide not to buy the product at the end moment. When people see other consumers using the same product, they are able to trust the product more and decide to buy it.

  • Increases Brand Trust

UGC is an unpaid form of promotions. It is original and genuine. People understand that if somebody has taken out time to post about your brand, it is authentic. Otherwise, no one would have spent their time to post for something that is unpaid.

The users that post about your brand act like ambassadors to your brand, the pitch their followers to go ahead and buy your products. They also share their experience and views giving people proper clarity about the product.

When people encounter such posts and see how much people love your brand, their trust for the brand automatically increases.

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How to utilize User-Generated Content for your brand?

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You can utilize UGC for your brand with the help of social media aggregator tools. These tools fetch content from various social media platforms and combine them to form one wall. You can then embed this wall on your website or showcase them through digital screens in events. These tools fetch content with the help of particular hashtags or accounts. They also give you the opportunity to curate your wall in the way you want with their customizable features.

You can also use UGC to create shoppable posts for your brand. Creating shoppable posts with UGC will not only display your product in action but also make it easier for your visitors to go ahead and buy those products.

Final Words

92% of people think that online reviews and ratings are as accountable as personal recommendations. UGC is the best way to share consumer reviews, they not only engage the customers but generate social proof for your brand as well.

Using UGC for your brand’s marketing can result to be highly valuable for your brand. It is the most cost-effective and trustworthy way to display your products and reviews to such a large audience. Your brand can reach new heights with the proper use of UGC.

So what are you still waiting for? Start working towards that already.


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