Valentine Day Secrets: 7 Surprising Things Women Really Do Want

Valentine Day Secrets

When discussing Valentine’s and making your special lady happy – things tend to get confusing for men. They feel pressured by the date and what it means for women. Well, it is not a big deal really. Learn to read between the lines, and discover what your beautiful half enjoys doing. And simply make her feel special by trying out a few things and learn her favourite in the process.

Don’t Make Promises. Act

If you have been lucky enough to meet Russian beauty, or American, French, regardless… and managed to win her over – it is time to let her see you in action. In the romantic sense of the word. Women enjoy seeing their man spending time and effort on making her happy. It is not about the price tag, it is about you wanting to do it, and actually doing it. With pleasure.

Granted, every day matters, not only Valentine’s, but holding hands, special kisses and lovely gestures do make women feel appreciated, especially on that day. So, go through the trouble, and you will take pride in how happy you have made her feel.

Do, but Also Say

As already stated above, women are complicated. And as much as they appreciate your grand gesture, they also want to hear how much you love her. Communicating your feelings can be a great turn on for your special someone. This can be a rare occasion for many, so why not use the romantic setting and let it all out. You will both feel emotional. In a good way.

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Food. And It Doesn’t Have to be a Candle-Lit Dinner

This goes for all women out there. They all want to feel comfortable enough to eat whatever they want, how much they want without being judged by their boyfriend or husband. You can even cook for her and take things even further. Or order in, or take her to her favourite restaurant and let her enjoy food in the real sense of the word.

S*x. Of Course

When you start planning the perfect evening for your lady, and after you find the ideal gift for her, making plans for “dessert” is also important. Sure, the night should go subtly, but you can add some charm to that last part. You can surprise her with a romantic bedroom setting, or let her know how much you want and desire her and start the foreplay even while still in the restaurant. And don’t forget to make it about her. It’s Valentine’s Day.

Show Effort by Making a Card

Don’t buy it. The best part about a card is the personal touch only you can add if you make it yourself. You can write an inside joke or anecdote that will make her laugh and let her know that you wrote that. With this simple gesture, you will stand out from the rest and make a long-lasting impression as an attentive partner. Plus, it is a cheap option that will make your Valentine happy.

Show her that You Are Having a Great Time as Well

Yes, the ladies get a tad more attention on this day, but they also want you to feel good. Make sure that she knows how much you enjoy the evening. Your lady will like the attention, that is for sure, but she will definitely want you to join her in all the fun. When you are happy, she is happy too. The perfect night for your perfect woman!

Make Her Feel Beautiful and Desired

Again, this shouldn’t only apply for Valentine’s Day. But, since the day has come, go with the flow and remind her how beautiful she looks and how you can’t wait to give her the last present of the night. Don’t fall into a routine, and try to add spice to your relationship. It takes two to tango, no doubts there, but the man is quite often the one leading the dance. So, lead, and she will surely make it worth your while.

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